3 Free Marketing Tools for Conducting Competitive Research

Entrepreneurs and freelancers! Here are 3 favorite FREE marketing tools for competitive research for your brand. Ya ‘ ready? LET'S GO!

1. Funnelytics

Mapping your funnel has never been easier. You can plot out to competition, too. Instantly bring your funnel ideas to life with the click of a button. It helps me break down my ideas in minutes. And is super helpful for giving clients a visual process.

2. GoogleThink

These tools are designed to help improve your brand’s marketing, web performance, analysis, digital experience, and more. This includes:

  • Google Trends 
  • Google Alerts
  • Consumer Insights

2a. Google Trends 

Analyzes the popularity of search queries across various regions and languages, providing search volume of different queries over time!

2b. Google Alerts 

You can get free email alerts anytime a specific keyword is mentioned. This can be competitive brands, your brand or any keywords you want to keep on top of in regards to search.

2c. ConsumerInsights 

ConsumerInsights is another amazing resource from Google! Look at interactive reports in regards to the travel industry, gaming and so many data points that Google gives you for free to do research!

3. Wappalyzer 

Probably my favorite Google Chrome extension. This extension lets you look at the technology used on a website within seconds. From CMS to analytics and so much more!

I hope you enjoyed the thread! Tell me, what’s your favorite tool right now?

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August 7, 2019


Marketing Tools


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