Everyone in 2020 Should Have a Digital Side Hustle

I believe every single person on earth should have a DIGITAL side hustle.

It’s a great way to:

  • Work in an industry that interests you.
  • Use existing skills for additional income.
  • Get a high- level skill you can resell!

Let’s dive into 8 hustles you can do anywhere...

1. Virtual Assistant

Many people hire VAs to help with day-to-day tasks in your business. But, did you know you can also be a US-based VA and help business owners thrive? You can make $13-18 working from home and get skills you can leverage later.

You would essentially get paid to learn task management systems, SOP’s and marketing agency specific digital skills that you can make applicable to new jobs and opportunities.

It’s a great way to increase your skillset.

2. Creative? Sell your custom goods on @Etsy!

Etsy lets you shop handmade gifts, vintage, and on-trend clothes, and more!

Ex. I know a creative designer who made custom signage for her sister’s wedding. He ended up taking great pics and sells custom, making an extra $15k!

3. Start a blog based on your passion and give massive value for free.

Use @WordPress to build a site, find a $50 blog theme on @ThemeForest and build your site.

This can be done without one line of code. What you’ll be doing is building a community you can leverage later.

Focus on three core products:

  • - Facebook group
  • - Instagram page
  • - Facebook page

Create at least 2 to 3 original pieces of content per month on the blog and promote them on these channels. Use the Fb group to post content daily regarding your industry.

I followed this strategy with blackwallet.org providing value upfront and it makes $13K this month so far in passive income with products and physical book sales.

4-7. Post video content on YouTube, Facebook (natively) and Instagram TV as an affiliate marketer.

Affiliates promote things they already use and get $ for it. I use the hosting co. @wpengine, so anytime I promote it and a user signs up, I get $200!

Just do a google search for your favorite product followed by “affiliate” for many products, websites, etc. Then, create value-based video content, include an affiliate link to the product you mentioned and viola! Passive income!

8. Launch a marketing Co. 

Focus on learning one skill like social media, web design, SEO.

There are countless free resources online. Offer these services to friends and fam free to build your case studies. Then, pitch local businesses. You can do this from ANYWHERE!!!

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June 26, 2019




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