Facebook Groups: The Unknown Goldmine

Everyone should be building an audience on Groups because you can generate a brand army that acts as your test group, top buyers and #1 advocates.

Here’s how to crush it and monetize your Facebook Group!

1. Find the niche of your niche

Groups are a place for people to ask questions, vent and post news about a subject. Think of it as a modern chat room that seamlessly integrates with Facebook. 

But to do really well, you have to find the niche of your niche. Let me explain. Own a cake shop? Make a Facebook group for people that LOVE cupcakes.

2. Share value!

Talk about recipes, do live sessions on your favorites weekly with a live cooking session, and give insight into the process. I want to dive deep into providing value consistently!

Here are the fundamentals.

A group should:

  • contain the keyword in the title

My group is “financial literacy tips” because based on Facebook search, it’s a great topic that gets search volume.

  • be sure to create a great cover image! Include benefits and CTA

3. Provide content on a daily basis.

This helps the Facebook algorithm find potential members and keeps members actively engaging with your content. Don’t worry about the number of members!

Content types:

  • News Articles
  • Questions and Polls 
  • BTS 

4. Ask three questions to vet potential group members.

When people join your group, you can ask users to fill out 3 questions prior to approval.

Examples: how they found you, goals from group and include a link to your value add!

Here’s my example:

5. Funnel everyone interested in your brand into your Fb Group.

Here’s how:

1. A free download or doc that adds value and is only available to members

2. Place a link to your group in your sig, on your site on your forms, in the footer or anywhere you think peeps will find it.

When you’re ready to sell, your army will be ready. If you have a product to offer, test it with your group. Ask them about the content they want, what should be included and how to frame the content.

You’re getting free FEEDBACK from your ideal customer. When your product is ready, your brand army is prepped and willing to buy because they felt part of the process.

Now, you have a central location to sell your product offer to an audience already interested!

So go forth and get your Facebook group started!!!

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July 30, 2019


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