Fly For Free Around The World

I haven’t paid for a flight in 4 years. Following some quick and easy tactics, I’ve been able to control expenses, rack up credit card points and fly for free around the world. It just takes discipline. 

Let me break it down…

1. Break down your monthly expenses.

You can use the monthly budget sheet I've created @ Record all of your expenses for the month. The sheet is broken down by category and type.

2. RETHINK credit cards.

They aren’t bad. You can leverage a card by paying off your debt almost immediately to take advantage of points and incentives.

Example: Instead of paying your cable bill via debit card, place it on autopay, pay it via your credit card & immediately pay it off from your personal debit account. 

You get the points, but not the hassle! If you do this consistently with THE majority of your bills, you rack up points without debt QUICKLY.

Remember: ONLY charge what you can afford.

Where folks have issues is when they get to swiping outside of normal expenses. Dinner and a movie are cool as long as you budget for it.

K, let’s hop into my favorite cards:

AMEX is awesome. I have the Platinum for personal & Gold for biz. With AMEX you can pool your points. So, any FB ads or biz expenses I have, are added with personal expenses to combine for MAD POINTS.

AMEX IS GREAT, cause you need to pay it off each month and the benefits are great. There are some other great cards out there, too.

Chase Freedom(no fees) or Sapphire to the Capital One Spark. Do a search to find one that caters to the benefits you're looking for. Always be sure to pay off the full amount each month AND charge what you can afford!

Lastly, there are so many other benefits to credit cards when used CORRECTLY.

  1. If your debit account is compromised that’s YOUR money. During the investigation, it’s your $$ that’s on hold. With a credit card, if your account is compromised, you’re good. The company handles it.
  2. Purchase protection - your credit card may step in to dispute a charge or return a defective product. EVEN if it’s outside of the stores' warranty. Win debit, you’ll have to wait for an investigation to complete.

Please, please use this to your advantage. The first step in perfecting this strategy comes from properly budgeting. Be sure to budget for expenses and only use the card to your usual expenses.

P.S. this is just my thoughts, please consult a financial planner.

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August 30, 2019




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