Instagram Marketing Tips You Can Implement Today

Instagram is getting rid of likes, but it’s all good! I wanted to break down how I got 12 clients in the last 6 months using FREE strategies on Instagram anyone can implement.

P.S. this is without me being verified and with less than 10K followers!

1. Setup your profile for success.

Have a clear headshot. Lock it in around your head so potential followers can get a good look at you...

2. Use your name as your username!

Then, u can use a keyword as your NAME ON IG. I use emoji + keyword. It helps for search! 


1b. Set up your profile for success.

Break down your bio. 


  • Tagline - keep it short, a few words
  • Title + (tag) to biz pages
  • Fun - pastimes, lifestyle…

Use emojis and lines breaks to make it concise.

2. Content

Have a theme! 3 types, 3-4 times a week.

  1. Value-based content. Actionable tactics they can use in easy to view chunks (like this one)
  2. Fam/Life - I post content about fam, movies, and nerd stuff

3. Instagram Stories

This is where you’ll receive the most queries. This requires work. Or you can batch your content and disseminate daily. Post daily looks into your day, with actionable tidbits in your business. Think of it as BTS mixed with value-add.

3a. Use Instagram Stories 

In my example, I post the creative process of web design. I’ll share wireframes, designs, ask opinions and employ my followers' feedback. It’s a great way to engage the audience, keep the IG algorithm happy and showcase your work in a fun way.

3b. Use Instagram Stories

Mix it up. I try to post 8 to 12 Instagram stories per day, 5 days a week, mixing up my content with personal stories, struggles, my workload, marketing tips and more. I also use ghost hashtags. A simple tactic that can increase reach!

3c. Ghost hashtags

When you’ve written hashtag, tap the pen and match the text to any color visible in the pic. Drag pen across the screen (to the background of the text) until the hashtag matches the background. I use the app ”#hashtagexpert for IG” 4 hashtags in my niche.


Respond to every comment, respond via DM and always answer folks who engage with your content. This is crucial and should be a no brainer. If you’re seeing a downtick in engagement, ask a question and answers it thru story.

Try these tactics consistently for 4 weeks. I guarantee you’ll gain traction, increase your reach and gain some leads from it. Just be sure to respond promptly. You can set up quick replies to answer FAQs and simplify your process.

Happy marketing!

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July 23, 2019


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