How I Break Down My Exact Digital Stack

As a process-driven marketer, I wanted to break down my exact digital stack for getting the job done.

1. I use Loom to capture screen share content

Capture your screen, record your front-facing camera, and narrate it all at once...for free. PLUS, it's a chrome extension so it's easy to use.


  • perfect for sending client recaps
  • easy for sending team changes added to a task manager

2. I leverage Google Drive to manage files and SOPs

We have all of our google docs, files, and presentations. Also, use @googlecalendar and block out times in a week for work by color. It makes it easy to prioritize tasks.


  • @googleslides - proposals
  • @googledocs - SOPs / content
  • @googlesheets - data

3. Typeform is my favorite way to record responses

This easy to use survey/form platform that makes beautiful forms responsive on any device. It integrates with @zapier so you can literally have customers:

  • complete a form
  • form pushes 2 sheet
  • response is sent

4. I use LapaNinja to get design motivation

For UI/UX design inspiration. When we design websites, I specifically use this tool to find and emulate designs from award-winning #UIUX peeps. The site is organized and you can browse by categories.


  • ideas for fonts, colors and site architecture
  • ideation

5. KeywordsEverywhere lets me do serious competitive analysis

Want to find out the average cost and traffic of a keyword? Get it IN SECONDS by performing a google search with this chrome extension. It makes it easy to get a bird's eye view of competitors. Image attached of how it works

6. BuzzSumo makes it easy to come up with content ideas

If you need ideas for fresh view content, this tool(freemium) makes it easy to find vital content you can emulate and capitalize on.

7. I use Asana for task management

For task management, both Asana and Trellis are amazing tools for managing all your business tasks. Asana is more "checklist" style, while trellis is visual with cards. I like Asana because it has both, but both work great!


  • organize lists
  • due dates and tracking

8. Chatfuel is great for setting up chatbots

Focuses mainly on building bots for Facebook Messenger. It's amazingly simple. So simple, I created a detailed bot for less than $50.

Check out the free training here.


  • insane click rates (70%+)
  • seamless integration

9. Slack is perfect for communicating with my remote team

The best team communication tool on the planet. And it's free. Think of it as WhatsApp for business. You NEED this in your biz. It'll cut down emails a ton.


  • create "channels" groups to organize convos.
  • integrations with @zapier, forms and more!

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June 13, 2019


Marketing Tools


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