How I Turned Multiple Failures Into Multiple Six-Figure Earnings

  • Denied Tedx 3 Times.
  • Failed Kickstarter Campaign
  • Rejected by FSU and UF

I’ve failed more times than I can count. But what I’ve learned in each failure is a valuable lesson. Here’s a breakdown of how I turned multiple failures into multiple six-figure earnings. Leggo! 

Denied Tedx - as an introvert, I started making videos 4 years ago to help my confidence. So much so, I applied to do a TedX talk….3 TIMES. After taking a few L’s, I decided to focus on straight value via FREE videos.

So I caught the attention of several companies and ended up with PAID speaking engagements in California, New York and Orlando, Florida!

I learned:

  • Content-Types that Resonate with Audiences
  • VALUE Above All, w/o Expectation
  • Authenticity & Content that Gets Folks EXCITED

Kickstarter Campaign - I launched a campaign that failed to get $5k for an app idea I had in 2013. I ended up getting $1,066 pledged of the $5k. SUPER L, lol. However, in the late nights and early mornings, (working a full-time job at the time), I learned a lot…

  • Launching a Crowdfunding Campaign
  • Local Guerilla Marketing
  • Leveraging Video to Launch a Product
  • The Power of Community and Leverage
  • How to Build a Business Working Full Time

These skills helped me build, scale and sell 3 e-comm businesses in the next few years!

Rejected by FSU and UF - I’m now 33, so this was a LONG time ago, but I’ll never forget getting those rejection letters (I was an average student). I ended up getting into @FloridaAtlantic and it was honestly the best thing I could’ve done.

  • Education was SUPER AFFORDABLE

        - no loans! 

  • Scholarship pool was less competitive
  • I learned to do LESS with MORE

Overall, it was a great experience, allowing me to live on campus, work part-time and build my community. This helped me close my first agency job, move up to the Marketing Manager of an advertising agency and eventually branch out on my own.

All in all, I think FAILURE is important. It’s a stepping stone in the right direction and can help ALL of us to find our path.

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September 23, 2019




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