How to Add Massive Value and Charge a Premium for your Service

You can add massive value and charge a premium for your service by doing this one thing…

Let me break it down…

How to charge a premium: “MASSIVE SERVICE BUNDLES”

It works like this: You offer a service like a logo design, but it’s bundled with a Brand Identity.

SO, the client gets:

  • Brand Discovery Session - discuss client goals, values, logo attributes. This will give you the framework.
  • Artboards - logo design concepts
  • Once the logo is approved, you can provide collateral: business cards, brand guidelines, social media artwork, letterheads, etc...

This works really well in boosting your service costs because it adds additional value to customer needs.

PLUS, it positions you to complete additional projects including web dev, social and more. It’s a great point of entry and an excellent way to add value to your services.

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June 17, 2019




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