How to Drive Consistent Traffic to Blogs Without Breaking the Bank

I get asked how to drive consistent traffic to blogs without breaking the bank.

On average, our blog gets 10k - 20k in traffic per month with most of it free.

Today, I’ll break down how to get consistent traffic every SINGLE DAY.

Ok, let’s go!!

1. BIG Blog Traffic

Optimized your blog for success!

Break up content and make a content long-form (1000+ words): paragraphs should be no longer than three sentences, isolate important sentences with bold, use italics and use a lot of pics.

P.S. free images

2. Big Blog Traffic

Make your content shareable!!

Each blog should include:

-an easy way to share. Wordpress has a plug-in called Mashshare, making it simple to add social media share buttons to your content. With one click, your readers can share to their audience.

3. Big Blog Traffic

Get your content to the masses! - Facebook

Share on FB! Include personal and business page. Best of all share it on Facebook Groups. Find groups relevant to why you do and BE SURE to look at group rules.

Make sure the title and featured images are posted as a snippet, too.

Create a Google Sheet and list the links to the top groups you can share in. Every time you release content, post it there.

You can even delegate this by adding a VA to the group and having them share on your behalf.

Answer questions with your blog on Quora.

Quora is a Q&A site. Post questions and experts answer the YOU can find people asking questions that your blog answer. Search for questions, answer them with your blog and be sure to post a link to the full blog. Get tons of visits.

4. Big Blog Traffic

Manually submit your NEW blog to search engines.

First, sign up for Google search console.

Think of it as 24 hr. monitor of your website by Google. It will tell you if your website has any underlying issues and how to fix them so google can index your content.

After verifying, make sure you use the option called “Fetch as Google” - This will make sure that every page of your blog will get indexed by Google. Google can take a few weeks to index your content if you don’t!

5. Big Blog Traffic

Lastly, I put together a blog action guide you can get for free, no opt-in! Use it to drive massive traffic to your website.


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July 6, 2019


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