How to Keep a Steady Flow of Customers Rolling In

New marketers, freelancers, and consultants ask how to keep a steady flow of customers rolling in while maintaining their current clientele.

Here are three ways to keep the money train rolling!

Okay, let’s dive in. . .

1. Case studies on your website

A marketing case study is one of the best ways to show your results and persuade potential customers to work with you.

It highlights your success and walks prospects through a story of how you helped a customer solve problems and generated results.

Your case study should build trust with a prospect. Use the “hero’s journey” to structure it.

Usually, follow this structure:

  • The Problem
  • The Solution
  • The Result

Be descriptive, use screenshots and make it easy for prospects to contact you!

2. Google Reviews!

Google reviews are low hanging fruit, especially for SMBs. It’s a free and low-cost way to take a top position in Google when people are searching locally for your services.

  • Sign up and claim your listing via @GoogleMyBiz if you haven’t.
  • Optimized it!

To optimize your listing:

Go to Google My Business and log in.

1. Complete categories, areas you service, hours of operation, phone website, appointment link, about and add photos.

P.S. it’s ok if you don’t have an office, you can say you deliver services to hide your addy.

2. Once your listing is optimized, focus on getting reviews from your best clients.

Email them, text them and follow up to make sure EVERY client you’ve had a great experience with left a review.

Happy customers will be happy to do it, they just need to be reminded to!

Google rewards you!

While there are lots of factors involved in search ranking, reviews can be a strong signal to search for trustworthiness and authority.

You can complete for difficult keywords locally with reviews with map packs! This is the 3 Map location google features.

3. Putting it ALL together!

Ok, you’ve got your case studies and google reviews, here’s how to leverage them.

1. Create a standard outreach email to potential customers. Include a link to your Google reviews and a link to case study relevant to the industry.

Offer to solve a problem for free.

Maybe they’re missing a Facebook pixel, or the site has broken links. Be sure it’s one thing easily fixable in 5-15 mins.

You can use one of our templates here:

Bunos: include a @Calendly link for easy booking

Lastly, treat every customer experience with care.

Follow up with them, create video recaps using @useloom and stay transparent through the process.

These 3 options will surely increase your lead acquisition. Cheers!

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June 29, 2019




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