How to Get Paid Sharing Content You're Passionate About

Did you know you can get paid to share products you’re already passionate about and believe in?

In today’s marketing tip, I want to break down how to “affiliate everything” to get fat stacks for SHARING stuff you already use. OK, leggggooo…

Affiliate Marketing, as many of you know, is the process of promoting products to earn a piece of the profit for each sale you make.

What if I told you, you could do this to almost any products you’ve used. I always emphasize sharing products you trust and use. Details:

As a marketing guy, these are the tools I use daily to get the job done.

One example, wpengine, which is arguably the best hosting for Wordpress, has an affiliate program.

So, anytime a client signs up for the platform, WHICH WE’RE ALREADY LAUNCHING USING, we get a payout os $200!

Here’s the kicker: you can do this for almost anything. Is there a great product on Amazon you can recommend? Get paid anywhere between 3% - 8% based on the product type. When you share an affiliate link.

It doesn’t seem like a ton, but it adds up!

To get started, google: “PRODUCT NAME + AFFILIATE” most major products have affiliate you can set up in less than 5 mins. From mobile apps to physical products, there are tons of possibilities!

Here’s how to REALLY INCREASE your affiliate payouts:

1. Write valuable content framed around the product.

Since you’re sharing products with your audience you already use, make content around it. Provide a look at its features, why it’s better than the competition and be open…

Let your audience know you receive a commission and that it’s a product you already recommend. In many cases, platforms will incentivize both sides:

Example: I wrote a blog about acorns and how it's great for saving passively. I get $5 and the peeps who sign up get $5, too!    

To set up your affiliate database:

  1. Create a google sheet (copy mine below)
  2. Add the title and link
  3. Add UTM and /or link shortener to track link engagement
  4. Do this for all of your favorite products

You can add links to your blogs, your YouTube description, anywhere! 

So, if you have a following, small or large, of people that trust you, because you’ve done the work and diligence, be sure to share your affiliate links! It adds up and is a great way to add more income to what you do!

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July 15, 2019


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