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If you’re not using standard operating procedures (SOPs) in your biz, you won’t be able to grow, move on to other projects or ULTIMATELY sell your Co. I’ve sold 3 e-comm biz used SOPs to do so.

Here’s how to make great SOPs.

SOPs are a BLUEPRINT. They’re the exact step-by-step process of how you complete a task within your business. This can be related to how you hire someone or the way you post social content. Everything you should do has an SOP. Period.

Here’s how to get started:

Think about the task that takes YOU a TON of your time. Think about how you can delegate it. Whether it’s research, email outreach, anything, and everything can be delegated, BUT it has to be done RIGHT. Here’s how:

First. DO IT.

Perform the action, but while you’re doing so, write down every step, make it so granular that each specific task you complete has its own breakdown. Be descriptive and don’t leave anything out.

Here’s an example:

Secondly, record yourself performing the task. I like to #Loom, #Soapbox (by Wistia) as both are Free, but you can use any screen recorder you like.

Be sure to leave space on your monitor with the checklist. This makes it easy for your trainee to follow along. Example:

Once done, perform the following:

  1. Create a google drive folder with the google doc of the directions.
  2. Upload the video you recorded to YouTube as unlisted and place the link in the google doc.
  3. Save the doc as your newest SOP and share it with your newest team member.

By creating SOPs you can slowly get items off of your plate and delegated. While the VA can’t do all of these tasks, you can start with a virtual assistant who can complete these tasks while you move on to other things. Cheers!

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August 26, 2019


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