Passive Income isn’t so PASSIVE least, at first. I want to provide you with some ways to make extra income that take a bit of upfront work but becomes more passive with time. 

1. Convert Your Expertise into an Online Course. 

You have to be GOOD at something to convert it to a course and this can be ANYTHING! Sales, crochet, backgammon, developing blogs, driving traffic. Whatever you’re good at, can be organized and taught via an actionable course.

  1. Create Google Slides of Curriculum
  2. Record Screen Cap Videos
  3. Upload Vids and Resources to Podia or Teachable.

Joshcoffy has a course on pre-selling your course that helped me do a five-figure release! Pre-selling also lets you know if it's something people really want.

2. Launch an E-Commerce Brand

Shopify, an e-commerce CMS, is the perfect place to start. Instead of dropshipping, you can leverage POD. Print On Demands allows you to leverage a company like Teelaunch to fulfill your orders with tons of options. 

From quality t-shirts to phone cases, they have dozens of products you can brand with your slogans, logo, etc. You only pay when someone makes a purchase and the company fulfills and ships the product on your behalf to the customer.

3. Become An Affiliate

You earn a commission for referring leads and customers to other products and services you believe in. This has tons of possibilities. Make Youtube videos? Become an affiliate for products you're an advocate for and post links. Post blog content? Be sure any products you tag are linked via an affiliate. 

Recommend some awesome tools? Be sure you signed up as an affiliate? Just google search “product + affiliate”, sign up and share the link they provide.This is a great way to make a passive income!

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September 27, 2019




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