Staying Productive While Working at Home

I love working from my home office. With a remote team, I’m able to communicate effectively via Slack and Asana and decrease overhead. While it has some disadvantages, I want to break down my tips for staying productive while working from home.

1. Set Work Schedule

One of the struggles a lot of folks have working from home is scheduling. I plot out my day from 8-4 pm, dedicated time to family 4-10 pm and might do a quick work sesh ‘til bedtime (10-11 pm). It’s important to block out times on your calendar for deep work.

2. Get Dressed and Have a Dedicated Work Space

I treat my workplace like an office. I get up, journal, read, workout and get dressed. It puts you in a different headspace. Be comfortable, as long as it’s not your PJ’s, you’re good! 

Also, be sure to have a dedicated workspace. Before I had a home office, I had a cozy corner of the living room set up. The good thing about remote work, you can do it from anywhere.

3. Keep Your Phone in Another Room & Turn Off Intrusive Notifications

I only have 5 apps on my phone with notifications. The rest are off. This will save you SO MUCH screen time. It’s also a good idea to keep your phone in another room so you’re not prone to random pickups.

4. Work From a Coffee Shop and Schedule Colleague Meetups

Working from home can be lonely. Even though I video chat and talk to my team daily, the majority of my time is spent alone. It’s good to schedule meetings with fellow entrepreneurs or work from a coffee shop to build morale.

Not to mention I’ve connected and even closed clients by working at Starbucks! It’s a motivating environment for hustlers and there are a lot of business owners working on projects you might be able to help with.

5. Working in a Different Location

Try working from the beach, a park or eating lunch at your favorite Sushi spot. The change of scenery will help get your creative juices flowing! 

Lastly, working remotely takes discipline, dedication, and consistent communication. While It’s not for everyone, you can use tools like Clockify to track time and be efficient with the schedule you have. Color-code your calendar work sessions and block out time for family and leisure.

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September 2, 2019




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