The Power of the Facebook Pixel

I want to talk about one of the most single important items your website should ABSOLUTELY HAVE and how to leverage it to convert interested prospects.

Ya ready?

1. Power of the #Facebook

Every single website on earth should have a Facebook pixel installed. It’s easy to add to a website + takes 1 min.

The Facebook pixel is a small snippet of code that lets you target visitors on Facebook that have visited your website.

2. Power of the #FacebookPixel

Let’s say you have an e-commerce site + a user visit a specific product that you have. You can create an ad that will target that individual on Facebook with that same product for them to checkout or have a discount to give them the incentive to buy.

3. #FacebookPixel

BUT, that’s not the best part.

You can create lookalike audiences based on user data.

Facebook will create audiences for you based on the attributes of existing visitors, buyers on your site and more.

Wait, there’s more…

You can take your email list, Target that audience, show specific users different content and more! As an e-commerce store owner, this is an easy way to sell abandoned cart peeps!!!!!

To install:

Open Facebook Ads Manager and click the top menu button (with the three lines on it) and select Pixels from the Assets column. (Alternatively, go directly to the pixel page.) In Facebook Ads Manager, click Pixels in the Assets column. You’re on your way!

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July 1, 2019


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