Ways to Empower Your Design Team

You need to empower your designers, y’all. I swear if I hear another person say to a designer “make it pop” I'm about to pop you in the head!!‍ Here’s how to help make a designer's difficult job a bit easier with a few key tips…

Give your designer ALL the tools they need with a branding identity (logo, collateral, identity doc…) For our agency:

Brand Discovery - this is a discussion that includes a 45-minute session with the client that asks values, competition, USP, overall aesthetic and design.

Some questions we ask include:

  • Top Competition?
  • Brands You Love?
  • What Differentiates You?
  • Vision?
  • How Consumers View You?
  • Who is Your Customer?

These will help your designer formulate ideas regarding design. TRUST ME. Next, discuss this with your designer WITH EXAMPLES. Don’t just share the doc, but share logos and design aesthetics the client’s customer will like. That’s who you need to resonate with. You need to position yourself as a facilitator of what the END USER will want.

Also, you want to let your designer use their creativity. Let them work the idea, come up with concepts and work closely to find the end result. This alone will empower your designer! Especially when your designer starts with a BRAND IDENTITY DOC.

This is a breakdown of:

Brandmark, typography, color palette, vision...this doc is the catalyst of a complete brand design.

Here are some brand identity examples we’ve done the past few months:

P.S. these templates, training and source files (PSD, Sketch and AI) are available in my WebDesignStudio Accelerator course!

Check it out: bit.ly/wdsacourse

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September 20, 2019




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