Learn Standard Operating Procedures

You're doing WAY too much (busy) work

Standard Operating Procedures are a set of step-by-step instructions to carry out complex routine operations in your business. SOPs aim to achieve efficiency, quality output and can help you get a TON of work off your plate so you can focus on BIG picture. I packaged up this process and have a detailed training on getting it done.


Delegate to offshore talent and free up more time.

If you're doing ALL the tasks in your business, it will be difficult to scale your efforts. You need to start building a process to delegate, train and leverage offshore virtual assistants that's are both affordable and reliable.


The only masterclass on creating a process
for your business you can COPY + PASTE

Learn the mindset of delegation by setting up your company for success.  


I walk through the strategy EVERY SOP should follow. From developing the content to delegating the final tasks.

The Setup

I teach you how and what FREE technology to use to store your SOPs and train your staff with ease.

Real, Applicable Examples

We dive into several internal processes to familiarize you with how it works, how well these translate and what to do.

Organizational Documents

Get the documents we use to scale multiple six-figures be leveraging amazing, offshore talent from around the world.


I answer dozens of frequently asked questions from masterclass attendees included in the video training.

Downloadable SOPs

At the end of the masterclass, enjoy access to 3+ SOPs we've used within the business to excel our productivity.

+ Freebies

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