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As a value-based marketer, I'm focused on providing actionable tactics for your business that make you more money and streamline your business practices. Yep, it's that simple

Process-Based Marketing Strategy

I'm a Marketer by trade. With emphasis on website development, social media, content marketing and scope, I help businesses create standard operating procedures in their business.

Killer Web Design

When it comes to web design, I got it on lock. Whether it's Wordpress, Webflow or Shopify, I'm ready to develop a streamlined process for your business. I mean, you came here, right?

Actionable Online Courses

Looking to build a THRIVING business you can run from anywhere and FINALLY get out of the day-to-day? Sure, I can help you with that. You can browse all of my resources in 2 minutes flat. Promise.

Detailed process driven by marketing strategy

I work on consistently to provide entrepreneurs with actionable marketing tactics to grow their business with emphasis on...

  • Automation and Process

  • Passive Income Creation

  • Value-Based Content

  • Marketing Strategy

What my clients are saying

I'm a practitioner. I work with clients, develop my own projects and create automation strategies to run 6-7 figure businesses from anywhere. Here's a few words from recent clients and partners:

John is not only an incredible digital marketer, he's an experienced entrepreneur and business owner who understands the importance of effective communication and efficient processes. He's helped me apply those principles to my businesses.

After a day-long consultation session with 5Four, I was able to implement John's processes and immediately saw results. I felt like my team completed projects faster. I noticed I didn't have to micromanage them as much. But more importantly, I felt like I got my time back.

Juan Rancano

Any company that provides a high skill service is only as good as its founder. John Saunders is a brilliant marketer who has gained his knowledge the hard way: by cutting his teeth promoting his own online properties and products.

He has web properties that reach millions of people, so when he talks about "viral content" he actually means it. Few if any Digital Marketing companies are run by someone who is still actively furthering their mastery of the digital marketing craft.

Victor Moreno
Software Developer

Excellent work from John.

Our company was very reserved on hiring a digital marketing consultant  as we have been burned in the past by companies that over promised and under delivered.

However, from our initial meeting with John D. Saunders, it was clear that 5Four was knowledgeable,  professional and customer service oriented. We've already seen a significant difference in our marketing results.

John does phenomenal work.

Roberto Gonzalez

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