Talent isn’t limited to zip code.

Learn how to find, hire, and scale your branding and web design agency with worldwide talent. Includes SOPs, strategy, and actionable tactics to grow your agency.

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Book Chapters

What's Inside Borderless

Chapter 1: The growing need for global talent

Discover the benefits of a remote agency and how to shift your perspective.

Chapter 2: Finding global talent

Learn the foundational steps for establishing your remote agency.

Chapter 3: Onboarding and training

Strategies for sourcing and attracting top global talent.

Chapter 4: Niche down with a remote team

How to onboard and train your remote team efficiently.

Chapter 5: Grow and scale your agency

Tools and techniques to foster a productive remote work environment.

Chapter 6: Becoming borderless

Proven tactics for growing your agency sustainably.

Chapter 7: Borderless checklist

Solutions to common pitfalls in managing a remote team.

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Lessons Section

Key Lessons Taught in Borderless

Building a Foundation

The essential elements of setting up a remote agency.

Hiring Top Talent

Best practices for recruiting the best professionals globally.

Creating Effective SOPs

How to document and streamline your processes for consistency.

Increasing Productivity

Techniques for keeping your team motivated and productive.

Leveraging Technology

The best tools and platforms for remote collaboration.

Scaling Up

Strategies for growing your agency without compromising quality.

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Is This For You?

Is Borderless Right for You?

Aspiring Agency Owners

Get a blueprint for starting your own remote agency.

Current Agency Owners

Learn how to transition to a borderless model and scale your business.


Discover how to build and manage a remote team to expand your services.

Managers & Team Leaders

Gain insights into leading a remote team effectively.

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Book At The Glace

Borderless Book Overview and Pricing

"Borderless" offers a comprehensive guide to building a successful remote agency. From finding talent to creating SOPs, this book provides the strategies and tools you need to thrive in the digital age.

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John and his team are outstanding!

“The insights in 'Borderless' have transformed our approach to hiring and managing our remote team.”

Tommie Powers

A must-read for any agency owner.

“John's methods are practical and easy to implement.”

Michelle Lee

Thanks to 'Borderless,

“Our team is more efficient and happier than ever”

Kai Ravariere