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To keep it 100...

I love what I do.  

Working with brands like Land Rover, Audi and the NAACP, I’m able to leverage web design and brand strategy to develop digital platforms that resonate with the consumer and drive consistent sales and conversions.

My  main focus is to provide VALUE to business owners and entrepreneurs.

By launching an online course with more than 1,900 active students and building, scaling and selling three ecommerce businesses, I hope to continue spreading digital marketing knowledge around the world.  

As a Founder of a few successful businesses, I hope that I can share my failures and triumphs to help others thrive.


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Any company that provides a high skill service is only as good as its founder. John Saunders is a brilliant marketer who has gained his knowledge the hard way: by cutting his teeth promoting his own online properties and products.

Developer at Amazon

John is not only an incredible web designer, he's an experienced entrepreneur and business owner who understands the importance of effective communication and efficient processes. He's helped me apply those principles to my businesses.


The quality of content, information, and response time is phenomenal. Highly recommend! Staying connected with brands like these help business owners grow!


Working with John and 5Four Digital has been incredible. I've worked with difficult web design companies before where the timeline just kept getting pushed back & back and the cost kept going up & up. But my experience with 5Four Digital was so much different. John is clear, organized, on time, and a delight to work with. HIRE HIM!! :)

Tara R.
Founder, Apps without Code

My portfolio of companies

Looking for a list of what I’m working on?  As a Web Designer and Entrepreneur, I get to wake up each day and solve complex problems by using the internet. Here’s my portfolio of businesses and how I divide up my time.

Award-winning web design
studio helping startups gain traction

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Beautiful illustrations of Black people for your next digital project

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A financial literacy blog focused on helping urban millennials build generational wealth

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Investment company focused on real estate acquisitions and incubators

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