A bit about me

Hey, I'm glad you're here

I built this site to provide a trusted learning and entrepreneur development platform focused on increased revenue and sales for online entrepreneurs. I'm ecstatic to have folks at all stages of their journey making progress toward new levels of success in their business. I'm here to help. Check out my story below

5Four Digital is where it began...

I launched 5Four Digital, a marketing agency in Sunny South Florida, with the goal of helping local SMBs thrive in a digital landscape.

By aiding brands like the NAACP, Audi and Land Rover, I've been able to hone and develop my digital marketing skills in Web Design, Social Media and Content Marketing with amazing campaigns that have provided MASSIVE ROI for clients.

You can view our recent case studies below.

blackwallet.org was how I gave back...

As I started to build my digital marketing agency, I decided to launch a financial literacy blog for urban millennials called blackwallet.org.

With a plethora of relatable content and a reach of more than 1m people per month, the blog turns a profit while providing significant value to the community.

Then, my book hit the Best-Seller List on Amazon...

With 5Four Digital and blackwallet.org humming along due to the amazing remote team we built I decided to write a book called: "A Step-By-Step Guide to Building Wealth with $1" to aid urban millennials in finding the means and tools to gain financial freedom and generational wealth.

Within a few days, it hit #1 for New Releases in Amazon's Wealth Management category.

I continued to make A TON of free content...

I've been lucky enough to do what I love for close to 10 years now from the sheer fact that I've always focused on giving the community VALUE. In the form of YouTube videos or Instagram content, I've always made it a point to give business owners tactics they CAN USE.

Next, I decided to develop courses & trainings...

Wanting to help as many folks as I can, I started to develop curriculum for A LOT of the marketing tactics I'd automated with a remote team. The result?

Over 3,000 students over 4 courses.

Lastly, I'm a
family-man, geek and gamer

When I'm not building businesses, learning from my mistakes or taking an online course, you can find me with my family binge watching Star Wars and BBQing a few steaks.

I'm an avid bibliophile, gamer, and always ready for a refreshing glass of gin and tonic.


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